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What Makes Mobile Video Different from Desktop for Advertisers?

We all consume video on a variety of mobile devices, which means that advertisers are attracted to mobile video advertising. So in the world of digital advertising, I am often asked what makes mobile video different from desktop. It's a complex issue that faces advertisers, agencies, DSPs, and SSPs alike, and there is no simple answer.

On desktop, it's pretty easy to format and deliver an ad. But on mobile, ads must be formatted for each device, and often require custom ad tags. Media buyers are faced with programmatic promises from a world of DSPs and ad exchanges, who then connect to SSPs and mobile publishers, and somewhere along the line, the ad plays. Or does it?

One of the many issues facing mobile programmatic advertising is that although the ad sells at the best possible rate, performance is often unclear and results can be difficult to accurately measure. With these conditions, how can the advertiser truly know the ROI?

That's why I'm excited to be working with gruuv Interactive. Their sophisticated platform ensures that the interactive ads they deliver will work, the video will render properly, and gruuv's Smartscreen Technology adjusts ad formatting as ad networks change.

Gruuv also has a vision that I see lacking in today's digital advertising conversations. They know that multiscreen advertising is the future. For advertisers to stay current, they need a plan to deliver video to the Internet of Things. The upcoming IAB conference should prove to be interesting. Stay tuned.


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